A change to strengthen the Church

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The Catholic Church at all levels does a fantastic job at helping others. Nevertheless, in all of the strategic plans being presented here, we believe that the Church needs to do more. In keeping with Jesus’ example, we need to take primary responsibility for Helping all Others within our geographical areas. We should be and be known as the place of both first and last resort for providing help to all those needing help of any kind. We, not our government, should be the ultimate safety net.                

Now by this we do not mean we should duplicate any of the many governmental, not-for-profit agencies services provided or 9-1-1. Rather we should use them to the maximum extent possible, but provide a clearinghouse of sorts for all people (not just parishioners) living in our areas on a 24/7 basis. Although there are many details to be worked out the idea is that we should make everyone aware by flyer, advertising or mail that if they have any kind of need for help they should be able to call our parish at any time of day or night and we will either refer them to the proper agency or helper from our (to be developed) pool of parishioners and others who join us. We are thinking of everything from baby-sitting, to periodic visits to shut-ins, to handymen/women, to emergency financial aid, substance abuses, etc. Some of how this might work is presented in the planning templates for parishes-see following below in Exhibit III.