Appendix VI – Parishioner’s Inventory

This inventory is being conducted as a critical part of a more comprehensive planning process for our parish. We need everyone either registered or even occasionally participating in any parish activities to participate if you have the ability and desire to help someone else in need. You will notice that based on all the various types of needs, that almost everyone can participate. If contact or any other information changes please submit a revised form as soon as possible. These forms are available for downloading and printing on the parish web site or in the parish office. All information provided will be kept in the strictest confidence by the Parish Help Ministry Coordinator and no one else.

The way this HELP program will work is that the Parish Help Coordinator will maintain a computer based data file of all volunteer help information along with complete contact and available services information for all public or non profit help services available in the area. The parish will then publicize the complete list of needs they will be able to help with in the parish bulletin, by separate lists available in the parish office, by posting such lists on all parish bulletin boards, by ads in local newspapers, on social media web sites and any other way feasible. These lists will invite parishioners and anyone else to call a help number available 24/7 if they have any kind of need other than medical or other emergency need best met by calling 9-1-1. If the parish help coordinator receives a call for some type of need that the coordinator believes is best met by 9-1-1 then the call will be immediately forwarded to 9-1-1. The caller will be asked if he or she wants to remain anonymous, if the caller says YES, then the Help Coordinator will either try to forward the caller to the volunteer on the parish list or ask the caller to call the contact number of the volunteer at a later time. Alternatively, the caller will be asked to call back to the parish Help Coordinator at a later time or, if the caller wishes to give the Help Coordinator their contact information, the Help coordinator will call the caller back when he or she contacts an appropriate volunteer.

Neither the Help coordinator nor any volunteer providing help will charge the caller for any services provided. Also, this HELP program will never compete with for- profit services provided by others. In all cases where the caller needs a service that is also provided by a for-profit-entity it will be necessary for the caller to provide some type of proof that they cannot afford the for-profit-entity’s fees before the parish Help coordinator either calls the volunteer or provides the caller with the contact information of the volunteer. It is virtually impossible to provide detail guidelines for every potential situation, so additional guidelines will need to be developed.

Inventory of (name of Parish) parishioners re:

Ability and Interest in Helping Others

Submit completed form in sealed envelope marked as CONFIDENTIAL to (Name of Parish) Help Ministry Coordinator. Put in Sunday collection basket, drop off at parish office or use US mail.

Volunteer Contact Information :

  1. Name (please print)_____________________________________________
  2. Preferred telephone number for contact________________
  3. Email address______________________________________________
  4. Date as of___________________________________________________

Type of need:

  1. Medical
    1. In home wheelchair pusher-
      1. One hour a day_________________
      2. Two hours a day_______________
      3. Four hours a day_______________      
      4. Other explain___________________
    2. Two hour rides to doctor, dentist, etc.
      1. One day/week__________________
      2. Two day/week________________
      3. Three day/week________________
      4.  Other-explain_________________
    3. ½ hr home care assistance in dressing-
      1.  One day/week_________________
      2. Two day/week_________________
      3. Three days/week_______________
      4.  Other-explain__________________
    4. ½ hr home care assistance-other-
      1.  One day/week___________________
      2.  Two day/week____________________
      3. Three days/week________________
      4.  Other-explain_____________________
    5. Providing medical referrals (requires volunteer to have some level of medical credentials). Specialty_____________________
    6. Mental health issues like depression referrals (requires volunteer to have some level of medical credentials.) Specialty______________.

  2. Spiritual
    1. Distributing daily communion to those who are unable to attend church
      1. To one person____________________
      2. To two or more persons____________
    2. Distributing weekly communion to those who are unable to those who are unable to attend church.
      1.  To one person____________________
      2.  To two++ persons________________
    3. Provide ride to daily mass
      1. For one person____________________
      2. For two++ persons_______________
    4. Provide ride to weekend mass
      1. For one person____________________
      2. For two++ persons_______________
    5. Provide ride(s) for other liturgical services________________________
    6. Maintaining prayer list for people who have contacted the Help Coordinator on their own or others behalf. This or these persons will publicize this list in parish bulletin and on all bulletin boards and on parish web site and social media____________________________
    7. Spiritual advice from parish clergy_________________________________

  3. Other
    1. Temporary baby’ sitting in last minute situations or where none can be found________________________________
    2. Friendship-just being a friend of someone, especially those living alone________________________________________
    3. Visiting the sick, including hospitals, nursing homes, rehab, and others shut in ______________________________
    4. Providing food (in conjunction with Meals on Wheels and Food Pantry)______________________________________
    5. Providing temporary shelter (in conjunction/consultation with PADS and Journeys)________________________
    6. Providing modest temporary financial assistance to individuals or families in need_______________________________________
All of the following programs require some level of special qualifications
  1. Assistance with adult education in theology, ethics,                                        philosophy and related subjects. Specialty________________            
  2. Children’s religious education for those not attending Catholic schools. Specialty______________________________
  3. Consumer counseling on major purchases. Specialty_________
  4. Dispute resolution(referrals)_________________________________
  5. Financial advice. Specialty_____________________________________
  6. Emergency handyman and referrals. Specialty______________
  7. Temporary legal advice Including referrals (provided by lawyers from parish). Specialty_____________________________
  8. 14. Marriage counseling (provided by Clergy)__________________
  9. 14. Sexuality issues. Specialty____________________________________            
  10. 15. Substance abuse. Referrals. Specialty________________________
  11. 16.Tutoring. Specialty_____________________________________________

                We would need to consult legal counsel on any further restrictions and whether some or all of the persons seeking help would need to sign a no-fault waiver of some type.