Exhibit I – Planning for Individual Catholics

A guide primarily for Catholics who want to create a plan for following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Prayer for Planning

            Dear LORD help us with your divine providence and the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT to understand our mission in life and how we can better follow in the footsteps of your beloved son JESUS CHRIST.

(Name of Individual)’s Catholic Plan

The Long Range Plan and Mission-

Chicago Cardinal George’s 2010 message introducing the Archdiocese’s Strategic Planning effort essentially builds on Jesus’s profound admonition to “follow in his footsteps”.

Applying this to my individual plan it reads as follows.

                I (name) have but one mission, one purpose and one plan entrusted to me by the Lord Jesus. I am to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the whole world (Evangelism), to celebrate the Sacraments that make his saving mysteries available to all people until he comes again in glory (Prayer), and to serve the needs of an ailing humanity in a spirit of mercy and compassion (Helping Others). That is my perennial mission.

To achieve this mission one would have to continuously attempt to model the life of Jesus Christ.

Objectives, Strategies and action plans-


  1. Periodically, but at least once a year, I will write a letter to the editor of my local newspaper or a magazine about an issue that involves the teachings of the Church.
  2. I will invite friends to attend church services or an extracurricular activity with me at least once a year.
  3. Whenever I am in a group that is discussing something that the Church has spoken on I will tactfully speak in support of the Church’s position.
  4. I will volunteer to be a Deacon or at least a lector.
  5. I will volunteer to help on one of the many ministries in the parish.


  1. I will attend Sunday/Saturday mass every weekend.
  2. I will attend daily mass, especially Holy Days of Obligation, and during Lent.
  3. I will say the Rosary every day. For example, during my daily commute, when traveling by plane, train or auto or before or after daily mass.
  4. I will volunteer to serve as an usher, lector, sing in the choir, etc.
  5. I will say a prayer each morning and each night.
  6. Whenever possible I will attend all special worship services like Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
  7. I will light a votive candle once a month.
  8. Etc.

Helping others

  1. I will sign up for the parish’s resource pool to help others and devote as much time, talent and fortune to this effort as my other responsibilities permit.
  2. Whenever possible and the opportunity presents itself I will be a “Good Samaritan” open doors, lend a hand, etc. to others obviously in need of help.
  3. Occasionally and to the extent I can afford it I will help someone in need pay for their bill at a restaurant or drive thru.
  4. Etc.