Appendix III – Suggestions for helping others

Our Church has a long history of helping others outside of our nearby areas.  Adopting another less advantaged parish is just one example that goes back quite a few years. Following is a list of those organizations outside our parish’s nearby area that we both are and could help.

Currently Helping-

  • (name of Parish being helped)
  • Foundation for Children in Need
  • Just Haiti

Proposed additional places to help-

  • A church in Mexico like the one that our Pastor spent six years helping.
  • A church in Nigeria or Niger that provides many priests now helping us in the United States.
  • A church in South America that needs our help.
  • A medical clinic in East Timor, an island just 400 miles north of Australia where our first cousin founded the existing clinic and, is possibly the only medical doctor for  some 1.2 million, mostly Catholic residents.

There are many other situations like this, but these are included here only to illustrate the type of entities that could be helped.